Working primarily in Photoshop, my artwork often combines my painting with my photography. With some pieces, I start with sketching with pencil on paper and later scan the drawings to complete in Photoshop.

My works are narrative based and landscapes (when included) are placed in the supporting rolls. I'm fascinated with eyes and I love to replicate the folds and flows of fabric. In my paintings I am attracted to the fantastical, the things that can not be seen except through the work of an artist. With my photography, I try to find the beauty in whatever I'm looking at.
Some Background...
In my professional life, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects as an illustrator, graphic artist and computer animator. Some eclectic and small, like t-shirts, a few book covers and even an album cover for an independent band. Some more grand, such as a million dollar video game and an Oscar winning film.
As a teenager I had wanted to combine my love of art with my love of film. I went on to study animation in college and had dreams of becoming a traditional 2D animator. In graduate school I had to repeat a class that I had taken as an undergraduate, and in the process of trying to not duplicate projects, I found the computer lab. This discovery led me to a life long passion for Digital Media.
 I became a computer animator and was able to ply my trade for over 2 decades. After years of working on other people's creations, I now have the opportunity to work and develop my own creations.
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